Great Praise For Me From @MilliGFunk

She’s obviously out of her mind…. and yet who am I to argue with her extremely kind words!

To quote her:

@rizzotees Where to begin? Chris Reimer is one of the most influential people in St. Louis where online entrepreneurship and social media are concerned. No, really, he is. Besides being a social media rockstar, Chris is one of the only people I know whose career has successfully spanned non-profits and for-profits. He’s a family man, a t-shirt-seller dude, a marketing expert, and a really nice guy. Chris has been quick to offer me support and advice in my time back in the St. Louis area, and his kindness carries further than he knows. Thanks Rizzo!

From my blog to yours, I say THANK YOU! Visit A Small Town Girl’s Guide and read about quirky small towns in Missouri from a small town Missouri girl’s point of view. And now, we present your boffo boots!!!

Wait, was #showusthefunkboots really a hashtag on Saturday? I never guessed the boots would get their own hashtag. cc: @mzcher #SMBSTL

Yes, it was a hashtag!

Thanks for all the cowgirl boots love! @RossPR @rizzotees @thecubiclechick #smbstl #showmeblogstl Boot are Hott!

@MilliGFunk boots

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