How Not To Use Social Media To Promote Your Brand

It sucks that I am still able to write a blog post like this in 2012! Here’s some recent social media engagement from Vinos Finos Cafe in Raleigh, NC:

Vinos Finos Cafe


After @Nick314 brought this to my attention, we tweeted back and forth a bit about it, including a few others in our conversation. Scott Stratten (@Unmarketing) called it a train wreck and a perfect example of how not to tweet. After this discussion, in which Vinos Finos Cafe was included, and in which we were kind but direct as to how we felt about their inappropriate social media effort, I received this tweet from Vinos:

Vinos Finos Cafe

And you can see I responded. Will it ever end?


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  • Brent Friar

    Hahaha! That is epic!

    • Chris Reimer

      Keep in mind – I have nothing against this business. But they’re setting a poor example that we can all learn from.

  • Ross PR

    Pretty interesting they think connecting with the customer is done by UN-following people that don’t respond to their barrage of sales pitches.

  • Ryan Bradley

    as a wise old friend used to say ”it never ends”

    • Chris Reimer

      so wise…

  • David Goldstick

    Why did Vinos insult them? I don’t understand… Is it because Vinos followed them and the follow wasn’t reciprocated? Odd.

    • Rhonda Shrum

      Yeah, I don’t get that either!

    • Chris Reimer

      The follow was not reciprocated. So they’re unfollowing those that did not follow back. That in itself is not a poor practice. It’s OK to follow people, and it’s OK to unfollow people. But dragging them through the streets of Twitter like this is just really bad news. I mean, it’s possible that many of these Twitter users are actually in Raleigh NC and would consider going to the restaurant. But probably not now…

  • Sam Cotton


  • Ivan Temelkov

    Twitter 101. 

  • Michael Daehn

    Hey Chris,

    This looks like a bot to me. Or it could be a person tweeting like a bot. If it’s a bot, it’s possible it was set up and the company is unaware that these tweets are being populated on such a scale. Either way, they could probably use some SM consulting ;)

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