Joel Comm Said “I Tweet Like I Eat.” What Does That Mean For My Tweets?

Big burger

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Author and Internet marketer Joel Comm once said “I tweet like I eat.” The post was in response to the questions he would often get about how often to tweet. The answer, of course, is that it depends on you. Joel tweets when he has something to say.

But this question got me thinking. What does this mean for my tweets? I have over 45,000 tweets. I tweet ALOT. I’ve had people unfollow me because I’m jamming up their tweetstream. Do I tweet like I eat? That would mean that all of my tweets:

1. Are huge pizzas eaten while drinking red wine while watching LeBron and D-Wade take over the NBA.

2. Are covered in gravy, alfredo, or béarnaise sauce.

3. Are Pappy’s Smokehouse pulled pork sandwiches covered in spicy BBQ sauce. (Although I have to say, Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack in Iowa City is easily as good as Pappy’s – trust me. Their sauces are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. And I like the “food from around the globe” graphic on their site).

4. Are White Castle cheeseburgers with cheese fries. And a Coke with cheese.

The moral of this story – tweet like you want to, and don’t worry about the right frequency.

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