My Presentation On Business Use Of Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging

See the #2 video  – it’s my presentation Building Communities and Spending Time on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs – Why Bother?” as delivered at David Siteman Garland’s RISE Lunch.

In the video, I provide my reasons for using Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging for business.  Some of the effect (and humor) is lost without the Powerpoint that was displayed on the room’s flatscreens, but hopefully you get the idea!

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  • Stephen Bolen

    Slideshare it, homey!

  • Jack

    what am I missing? what is your take away?

  • Chris Reimer

    Hi Jack. Too many businesses are ignoring these communication tools. I am encouraging businesses of all types to find a way to use Twitter (especially Twitter) to listen, engage, fix problems, market, say thank you, and prosper. I hope that answers your question

  • Chris Reimer

    yup, I should

  • Jack

    linking is great, but your opinion with the link makes it more interesting….

  • LadyUmbrella

    Great video man, well done…And getting a tweet from Matt Cutts must be pretty darn sweet..and the fact that it got the job done..