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Jan 10, 2011

Epic Meal Time With Bacon – You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Bacon Gun

image courtesy of sogoodblog.com

You’ve never seen anything like this before… unless you’ve already seen this video, and then you have seen something like this before.

I just want to say… watch this from beginning to end. It gets a little awesome when they finally sit down to eat. And if you’re a vegetarian or something worse, don’t watch this video. It will turn your brain inside out!

Thanks to Will (@wbdIV on Twitter) for bringing this to my attention. Go follow this bacon lover.

Keep an eye on the total fat and calorie counter down in the lower right of the screen.

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Bacon – You Like This

BILF – Breakfast I’d Like to $%&@!

Dec 6, 2010

Bacon Salt Is In The Hizzy!

Bacon Salt at Rizzo Tees

Almost since the beginning of Rizzo Tees, I’ve been shipping a sample of Bacon Salt with every order. It has been a crispy partnership made in swine heaven. Fans of Rizzo Tees often tweet pictures of their tees with the little packet of Bacon Salt sitting on top of the shirt. And besides, the product comes in Peppered, Natural, Original, and Hickory flavors. Plus they have Baconnaise. Talk about mad scientists!

I reached out to Michael, J&D’s Operbacons Manager (yeah, that’s his title), and told him I was running short of samples. A HUMONGOUS box of Bacon Salt and Bacon Salt stickers showed up today.  Honestly, I was down to my final sample packet. This box is obnoxiously big.  I’m gonna need y’all to start ordering some more shirts!

Speaking of that, anyone that orders three or more shirts will get a DontSnortIt.com sticker, until I run out. Then I’ll start giving away black Bacon Salt stickers. Warning – if the idea of snorting Bacon Salt through a little straw even seems remotely offensive to you, don’t go to that site I linked to above.

I want to thank the good people at J&D’s Foods for believing in my bacondentials (that’s a word I made up combining bacon and credentials). Viva la Tocino Revolucion!

Bacon Salt and Rizzo Tees

Bacon tees I have in stock:


Bacon – You Like This

BILF – Breakfast I’d Like to $%&@!

Oct 20, 2010

Best Bacon Bumper Sticker EVER!

Yes, that’s bacon frying on a camping stove. Next to a misguided bumper sticker. Take that, vegetarians!!!!! (lol please plant-eating people, don’t take this too seriously)

Bacon Bumper Sticker

By the way, I like meat.

Bacon T-shirt

Bacon – You Like This T-shirt

Broccoli T-shirt (on which meat is being consumed)

Sep 29, 2010

Aaron Tucker Wearing His Bacon Tee With KISS

Nice! Thank you Aaron! Get a bacon tee here.

KISS and Bacon T-shirt from Rizzo Tees