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Nov 22, 2011

Brand Against The Machine – John Morgan’s New Book Redefines Branding

I had the great pleasure of interviewing John Morgan, author of the new book Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition (Amazon affiliate link). I got to know John through Twitter, and he was gracious enough to send me a pre-release copy of the book.

As I admit in the video, I am only about halfway through the book (I suck at finding time to read). However, just like Rework (affiliate link again), you can pick this book up and grab awesome nuggets of information without having to wade through 20-page chapters. It’s written in my kind of style: short to-the-point chapters that don’t ramble on.

In this interview, John reveals the road traveled from teenager with confidence issues to author and public speaker, what it took to get a book deal, and why companies need to think of branding in a much different way.

Thank you John for giving me an hour of your Sunday, and for being so open and honest during this interview. I hope this book goes huge for you. Finally, thank you for the advice you gave me. I hope to repeat your great success.

Below is an affiliate link:

Dec 7, 2010

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper By David Siteman Garland – Book Review

We are living through the democratization of entrepreneurship. With free-to-inexpensive tools like Flip Cams, Viddler, YouTube, WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous, Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook (whew!), both existing and budding entrepreneurs have an unprecedented opportunity to make a name for themselves, get attention for their company, and ultimately sell more stuff. But note this: the steps to take that will get you from relative unknown to seller of lots of stuff are many.

You cannot simply shout about your product from your marketing bullhorn. Your goal should be to let people get to know you, and the way to do that is to become a trusted resource. Who do people turn to when they want to know about [insert name of what you sell]?  If they turn to you for such help, they are way more likely to turn to you when it’s time to buy.

I’ve been friends with David Siteman Garland for a bit over a year now – light years in terms of social media! I’ve been attending his RISE lunches here in St. Louis for almost that long, and I’ve been a presenter at two of them. I’ve learned so much from his blog/TV show The Rise To The Top, including how to become a trusted resource. Honestly, this blog and my willingness to do speaking engagements were borne of advice David gave me. Most importantly, I’ve been inspired by him to break out of my comfort zone and try things (like video).

So it was with great pleasure that I received a very special package in the mail last week – David’s first book Smarter, Faster, Cheaper – Non-Boring Fluff Free Strategies For Marketing And Promoting Your Business (Amazon affiliate link). I was actually proud of David when I first ripped open the envelope – what a great feeling to beholding the debut book of a good friend. As I state in the video, David is probably the most famous person that I actually know, and selfishly, that’s pretty cool. I fully expect David to go Hollywood after this book blows up. But, until he starts driving Bentleys around and acting weird (his quote, not mine!), I’ll continue to consider him a friend. :-)

At 230 pages, the book is no lightweight. It contains 16 chapters of very compelling content. David uses real-life examples throughout the book to make the case that online content will generate the inbound leads your company needs to bring in new business (as opposed to cold-calling). He pulls examples from first-hand experience, as he’s interviewed hundreds of the brightest entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world.

With a tinge of bias but a ton of truth, I can highly recommend this book. Real life examples, behind-the-scenes info on how David does what he does (he’s not secretive about what camera he uses, how he hosts video, etc), and a personal writing style that engages you make this a fantastic must-read. David, thank you for getting me an advance copy of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper. You have a great deal to be proud of, as this book is quite an accomplishment. I’m glad to know you as a friend.

Incidentally, in keeping with the spirit of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper, here’s a picture of the ultrasophisticated Flip camera mount that I used to record the video you see above.

Flip Cam Mount

That’s a roll of paper towels on top of two Frigidaire water filter boxes. :-) David has taught me well!

Nov 9, 2010

Rizzo Tees Featured In New David Meerman Scott Book “Real-Time Marketing & PR”

It all started with a HARO request. I’d heard of David Meerman Scott, having read his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR (Amazon affiliate link). So I was quite excited to see him asking for sources on marketing in “real-time.” I’ve been doing my best to do just that since Rizzo Tees went live in October 2008.

I responded to the request, did a phone interview with David, and the rest is history. Rizzo Tees has a page in David’s new book Real-Time Marketing and PR! (Amazon affiliate link)

Real-Time Marketing And PR book

Big thanks to David for including me in his latest masterpiece. Make sure you read this book – you’ll take a ton away from it. I sure did.

Nov 1, 2010

Real-Time Marketing & PR – David Meerman Scott – Book Review

A few years ago, I had the good fortune to stumble across David Meerman Scott‘s book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.” I don’t even remember how I first heard of the book. I checked it out from the library and read it on vacation. I took so much from the book that, earlier this year, I ordered the second edition and read it too. I’ve learned and applied so much from this book, and its lessons are still very valid today.

However, since David first advocated for generating inbound leads by writing a blog, and using press releases to communicate directly with your audience, things have sped up even further. Now, your customers are online, talking to you and about you in real-time. If you’re not listening and interacting, the silence is deafening. Do you want consumers to define your product on Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere, or do you as a company want to play a role by interacting with them? Further, do you want that engagement to result in more sales?

Enter David’s new book Real-Time Marketing and PR (Amazon affiliate link). In it, he lays out how companies are winning by engaging their customers directly online in real-time. He talks about:

  • developing a business culture that encourages speed over sloth
  • reading buying signals as people interact with you online
  • crowdsourcing product development
  • charging more for your product by delivering it faster

I’ve been a big fan of David’s for years, and I’m proud to say that my little t-shirt company, Rizzo Tees, is actually featured in the book! Flip to page 118 and read about how I like to interact with folks on Twitter, and how I crowdsource some of my t-shirt designs (especially when I’m stumped).  Thanks to David for hearing my story and incorporating it into this amazing book.

Real-Time Marketing And PR book

I highly recommend that companies of all shapes and sizes grab this book and give the principles of real-time online interaction and engagement a chance. Fear not, Corporate America. We consumers have a great deal to offer you besides our money.

Get the hardcover version here (Amazon affiliate link)

Get the Kindle version here (Amazon affiliate link)

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