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May 10, 2010

Chris Brogan Says Believe In Yourself First

I love this video from Chris Brogan. What did Woody Allen say? Eighty percent of success is showing up? I believe in this wholeheartedly! My quick point to you today is this:  you really have no clue how other people view you.  If you think that everyone absolutely loves you, I assure you that you’re undoubtedly wrong.  However, much more importantly, if you think everyone else is stronger than you… that everyone views you as easy prey – you could not be more wrong.

Believe in yourself – carry yourself like a seasoned businessperson, even if you’re in your early 20’s.  Don’t ever be something you’re not, but just realize that your self-perception is probably way off.  Don’t give up, don’t stop trying, don’t drop out of the game.

May 4, 2010

Link Roundup on Rizzo Tees – What I’m Reading 5/4/10

Playing the part of Internet DJ, here’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading the past few days.

1.) Jason over at A Smart Bear breaks down American idiomatic usage in a rather hilarious way.  What does it mean when a fellow businessperson says to you, ““It’s not personal, it’s just business?” Read the post and find out!

2.) Back in March, Chris Brogan wrote about a visit to a charter school.  I took particular interest, since my daughter will be starting kindergarten at a French language immersion charter school in August. Kids in some of these charter schools are learning in vastly different ways than we did back in the day.  My daughter’s school is going to be no exception, and we’re quite excited about it. Kids are being trained in these schools to handle real-life jobs and real-life situations.  They’re even going to teach my daughter about food. How cool would that be – growing up understanding that organic vegetables are better than candy made in a factory?  Hell, she might even learn how to prepare healthy meals for herself! Why can’t a school teach this? To me, it sounds like the way to raise a healthier generation.

3.) Ari Herzog over at AriWriter.com is going through a time that sounds way too familiar to me.  Ari is trying to make a career transition, and after 18 months, he says he’s back to square one.  Starting off on your own is tough – there are times when I’ve thought that Rizzo Tees would be farther along by now.  Everything worth doing in life takes time – sometimes lots of time!  I have said this before – I am not some 150% full-speed-ahead entrepreneur that would step on his own mom’s neck to succeed.  There are times when I have self-doubt. I have ups and downs. I just do everything I can to stay in the game – stay focused, and just keep plugging away.  Half the battle is just not quitting. People completely underestimate this fact.

Apr 26, 2010

Gary Vaynerchuk Talks Twitter on CNBC With Some Fellow Panelists That Are Highly Confused

Gary nails it here in the first 30 seconds – real-time search has tremendous value.  (video below).  Companies need to pay hyper-attention to what people are saying about their brands, and they need to follow up with the proper kind of interaction.

Peter Kafka of All Things Digital says, “You don’t go to Twitter to search for stuff.”  I highly disagree! (and I call him “highly confused” in only the nicest way!).

Like Gary says, Twitter can monetize with advertising, just like Google did.  Google used to be so very simple, and now it’s so huge and monetized with 100 different services… and people are still flocking to Google.  Frankly, like Chris Brogan said here just the other day, people are completely beholden to Skynet, er I mean Google.  There has been no mass exodus from Google, and there probably won’t be from Twitter either once they decide to take the monetization plunge.

Contrary to what some of the panelists said, Twitter is a really big deal, and companies that are running in the other direction are making a huge mistake.

Apr 21, 2010

Link Roundup on Rizzo Tees – What I’m Reading 4/21/10

Playing the part of Internet DJ, here’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading the past few days.

1.) 50 minutes of Peter Shankman – how can you go wrong?  Peter talks about self-promotion, and it just so happens that his Help a Reporter service allows us to easily do just that.  If you’re not using HARO, start today!  I have used it several times with great success.  Every single opportunity doesn’t result in a “hit,” but you will respond to enough chances that you’ll start getting press attention.

2.) Can the Care Bears really teach us about being a successful entrepreneur?  Entrepreneurship is about hard work, good product, good timing, and confidence. I have low points in my own entrepreneurial life… times when I wonder if its all going to work… times of true stomach-churning self-doubt.  If you can’t handle watching the 5+ minutes of Care Bears, just know that you have to believe in yourself in order to make your own luck, and eventually succeed.

3.) The difference between salad and garbage is….. timing!  Sonia Simone at Copyblogger reminds us that direct marketing can completely flop if not truly targeted.  Additionally, becoming an expert in a very specific niche can turn into successful inbound marketing, which I’m finding is a much superior way to market my product than outbound marketing.

4.) Chris Brogan implores you to stop adding him to your email newsletter.  Bottom line – spamming people is bad. I am certain that I have, at one time or another, marketed myself in a way that could be construed as spammy.  Maybe it’s one extra tweet about one of my products, or a Facebook wall post about my bacon t-shirts on a bacon fan page.  Brogan talks about the rash of email newsletters he receives that he’s relatively certain he didn’t subscribe to.  Marketers of Earth: you are just pissing people off with this!  Maybe there’s an argument that for every 10 people you piss off, you’re reaching 1 person with your MLM message…. volume = $$$.  It’s the v1agra spam email mantra – carpet bomb the Internet with your wares and sales will come.  It’s a sucky life to live – don’t market your product in this way!

Apr 9, 2010

A Crapload of Advice From Chris Brogan

This video is so full of advice, I didn’t even know what title to adorn this blogpost with.  So I called it “A Crapload of Advice From Chris Brogan.”  Enjoy!

Mar 9, 2010

Work is a Symphony of Interruptions

Midday on a Monday, I’m sitting at work, working at my computer with my office door open.  Note that much of my work requires thought. If checking email requires 10% cranial capacity, this work was like 80%.  In the span of 15 seconds:

1.  I received a mobile phone call that could have waited until later.  Yup, I answered it.

2. While on the mobile phone, a loud overhead page was made at work that could have been easily avoided (just get up and go see the person, we work in a small office. Damn, that speaker on my office phone is loud!)

3.  A person came to my door and knocked, took a few steps in, expecting me to talk to them (yo, I’m holding a phone near my ear! And talking!)

4. An urgent email came in. I often stare at my computer screen while talking on the phone. Of course it was urgent and sort of made my heart skip.

5.  Someone then buzzed me on my office phone – this came in after the overhead page, although an incoming office call can interrupt an overhead page on my phone. When that happens, hopefully the overhead page isn’t for me!

What was I working on again?  Calling this 15-second chain of events a “symphony” is being generous – all of this incoming work and personal stimuli is nothing more than a cacophany of productivity destroyers.

I’m not even qualified (yet) to give you advice on this – I am struggling with this mightily right now, and I’m losing.  People often say, “How are you getting all of this done,” and the answer is that I’m chopping through it like those rainforest explorer dudes chop through the underbrush with machetes (I’m convinced this only happens in the movies).  It’s ugly, and all of this is turning my brain into a rewired mess of scrambled eggs, but I’m getting stuff done.

However, I don’t want my brain rewired in such a way. I want to return to a simpler, quieter time, where my creative brain can work unfettered.  I want to break through and harness the power of big ideas.  Can I do it?  The answer might be no – with a full-time job, Rizzo Tees, this blog, Social Media Club of St. Louis, a 4-family apartment building I own, a wife and two kids, and then maybe a wee bit of time for doing things that actually interest me….. I’m busier than ever.

After reading some Tim Ferriss, I’m starting to take steps to cut down on the incoming email.  Here are two other recent articles that got me thinking more about this subject:

Chris Brogan’s blogpost on The Assault On Anywhen

Jason Fried’s awesome video and transcript on Why You Can’t Work At Work (God I love this)

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Am I just full of excuses here, or can we take steps to restructure our workday to get more done?