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May 1, 2012

What’s Going On With Rizzo Tees? An Update

I started Rizzo Tees back in 2007 with the entrepreneurial dream of growing it out of control. I wanted to build a big, strong, healthy business, and of course I wanted to leave my CPA/Accounting life behind. While Rizzo Tees remains small today, I was able to escape the accounting world over two years ago. I’ve mentioned this several times (here and here), but I can say it once more: you have no idea what this career change has truly meant to me.

What of Rizzo Tees now? I’ve had a few people tell me they’ve noticed a change in my content output over the last year. They say I’ve moved away from t-shirt promotion and more towards discussion of new media strategy. I believe they are right. I’d say my job at Falk Harrison has a great deal to do with that. Finally, a job that I can enjoy!

Rizzo Tees remains in business, tees are still in stock and people are still buying them (especially the bacon ones). But my interests have changed in important ways. Listen to the podcast below to hear more about the direction I’m headed.

Click here for the 5-minute podcast.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Apr 19, 2011

First Time I’ve Ever Made A List In Entrepreneur Magazine

I’ve made it onto a rather impressive list. Hopefully this isn’t a Sesame Street case of “Which one of these….. is not like the other?” Sean Malarkey named me to a list of the top 5 people to follow on Twitter if you’re a newbie. Also on the list were:

Andrew Warner
Tim Ferriss
Lewis Howes, and
David Siteman Garland

… all people way more successful than me! So this is rather humbling. Since the post went up just a few hours ago, I have seen quite a few new followers on Twitter. Hard work on Twitter/FB/blog = relationships = lucky breaks like this article = more relationships = ???. Who knows what comes next? Like I always say, I keep throwing dots up on a wall. I never know how they’re going to connect, but they’re connecting.

Thanks to my bud Sean Malarkey (I’m not THAT snarky, dude. lol), and to author Kara Ohngren. I’ll do my best to not scare the noobs away.

Nov 8, 2010

My Interview On The Rise To The Top

Recently I did a Skype video interview with my good friend David Siteman Garland, which he posted on his website, The Rise To The Top. I was honored to be featured on his site, and judging by the amount of retweets and Facebook shares, it’s been one of his most popular interviews ever. Quite humbling, I have to say.

I’d like to keep the momentum going. For those of you on Facebook and Twitter, I invite you to go tweet out the interview

—-> HERE <—-

… or just watch it below if you’re lazy lol. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Apr 7, 2010

Entrepreneurship is Hard Work

What does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur?  I think it takes:

  1. A great idea
  2. Great tools
  3. Patience (hugely underrated)
  4. AND hard work!

(whoops, I left out funding. Don’t forget the money!)

What do the fancy cars sitting outside of businesses teach us about the need to work hard?

Here’s the link to a podcast with my thoughts on the matter.

Mar 17, 2010

It's OK To Be A Business On Twitter

I recorded this video back in December 2009 in response to some hating I was witnessing on Twitter.  I saw people reacting negatively to the presence of businesses on Twitter, and not just the MLM teeth-whitening jerks.  As a business, it is true that poor marketing in any form can and should backfire on you – this includes Twitter.  If you yap yap yap about your business, never join the community, never help others…. you will meet with adverse results, and you might even have a few people tell you how they feel about your business.

That aside, my point in the video is that there are many small business entrepreneurs out there that live their business – the business is them, and they are their business.  This is their life’s passion.  So if you’re on Twitter and you’re passionate about the TV show Lost, and someone else is passionate about their startup business, there really is no difference there – it’s just two people rapping about their passions in life.  Respect the entrepreneur!

Mar 8, 2010

Alonzo Mourning – An Inspiration

Alonzo Mourning has always been one of my favorite basketball players.  Back in 2006, he won an NBA title with the Miami Heat after having undergone a kidney transplant in 2003.  Think about just how incredible that is.  Professional sports requires the very best athletes in the very best shape, and Mourning came back on a transplanted kidney.  Besides Sean Elliott with the San Antonio Spurs, there is little precedent for such a comeback.

He gave a press conference after series-clinching Game 6.    I watched it live, and in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that it made me cry.  I remain in awe of what he was able to overcome and accomplish after going through such a dark period in his life.  His perseverance is inspiring to me.

As entrepreneurs, we go through dark times – times of self-doubt, confusion, exhaustion – it certainly isn’t always easy!  Knowing that he was near death, was blessed with the gift of a kidney from his cousin, and came back to rise to the top of the NBA ….. it gives me hope that I can conquer my much smaller problems.

Watch the first seven minutes of the video, at the very least. After 7:10, he just talks hoops.  Here are the parts of the video I found most inspiring:

4:10 – “You need words of hope. Words of encouragement.” (hopefully we entrepreneurs can get this from our family and our friends)

6:20 – “The key… is keeping your mind right.” (it takes a great deal of focus, even stubbornness, to stay on track through the ups and downs)

Perseverance is key! 6:30 – “So many people are quick to give up, and say ‘Why me? Why me?’ …. So many people out there have it a whole lot worse than you….. think about that.” (I think about that all the time)

Alonzo Mourning Incredible Speech – Watch more Funny Videos

p.s. I take alot of inspiration from sports, so you’ll see me talking about sports and giving examples of perseverance, teamwork, struggles etc, because it all relates to what we go through as entrepreneurs.