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Nov 24, 2010

Gwen Works Her Face Off, Then Gets Fired – “The Pain Of It All” Video #3

As part of my ongoing “The Pain Of It All” video series, I interview Gwen about her job loss from a financial services firm. Yes, her name is just Gwen – like a Brazilian soccer player. No last name. :-)

Gwen’s story is unfortunately not atypical. She worked at a company where folks were losing their jobs all around her, even in the face of financial success. As more and more friends fell by the wayside, her workload drastically increased. Cliques developed. Anxiety and depression set in. Finally, she decided to talk to HR about her concerns, and she was almost immediately dismissed.

Several things made her story notable to me:

1. She demonstrated a strong work ethic. It’s always great to see young people working hard at their jobs, and caring. I was not working as hard at my job when I was her age.

2. As coworkers lost their jobs, she was handed their work. Her workload dramatically increased. I can’t imagine the stress of watching friends lose their jobs, while being handed an amount of work that could just not be completed.

3. Everyone’s worst nightmare happened to her – she decided to talk to management about her concerns, and her reward was a pink slip. And this was after receiving a positive review and a bonus just two weeks before her termination.

4. After getting fired, she doubted herself. When talking with me, she used the word “depression.” With no support from her former employer, and getting fired under extremely bizarre circumstances, how else could she be expected to feel? She did say that she had an immediate desire to go kick some ass – do something, achieve something. She had two job interviews that she felt she was highly qualified for, but didn’t get either job. She then wondered if she just needed to take a break and breathe a little bit. However, her impending marriage, bills, and other pressures of life wouldn’t allow her to remain unemployed for too long.

5. A happy ending – she starts a new job after the Thanksgiving holiday! I could tell she was quite excited. She’s filling in for a friend’s maternity leave, with the potential to stay longer term. The best part is that she wants full-time work, and the employer knows this. They have a great up-front understanding that should serve them both well.

Thanks again to Gwen for her candor. After 15 or so minutes working out some Skype audio issues, I think we had a great interview. If you want to find Gwen on the webernet, check her out here:

Twitter: @allthingsgwen
Facebook: Fit Friends
Blog: AllThingsGwen.com

And a reminder: if you’re interested in being interviewed for this series, or know someone who might, have a look at my blog post here where I explain what I’m doing. I’d love to talk with you.

Nov 17, 2010

Have You Lost Your Job? Or Know Someone Who Has? Get Interviewed By Me

The Pain Of It All

image courtesy of http://www.ourkitchensink.com/

Attention unemployed workers of America: I am searching for your tales of struggle, absurdity, and salvation. If you or someone you know has been spectacularly kicked in the nuts by an employer, and you’re willing to go on a recorded Skype video call, I want to hear from you!

I have started a new interview series called “The Pain Of It All,” where I will talk with displaced Americans about their job loss.  Fired? Laid off? Furloughed? Downsized? I want to hear from folks about the circumstances surrounding their job loss, how it made them feel immediately after it happened, how they coped with their feelings, and what they ended up doing about it. I will especially concentrate on the italicized!

I believe that folks looking for a job often tune up their résumé and think that’s the most important step towards securing employment. Unfortunately, you can have the most wonderful credentials, but if you’re not in the right mindset, you won’t come across well in an interview. And people often overlook that when a person loses their job, it can throw them into the wrong mindset! (understatement of the year). A traumatic event like a firing or layoff can really mess with your head, and how people deal with this fascinates me. You have to “get over it” before you can go after your next job.

My hope is that, if people hear about the struggles of others, and perhaps the positive (or negative) way they dealt with the blow, they’ll gain the inspiration they need to go after their dream.

Examples of what the interviews are like:

Kesha Facen – the first interview I did

Chris Cloud’s interview

If you think you’re a good fit for the video series and don’t mind sharing the painful details with me, email me at rizzotees [ at ] gmail [ dawt ] com and provide me with the following info:

1.  Tell me about your job and your job loss – from what employer, how long were you there, what was your job while there.

2. Tell me about “D-day” – how they fired you, and how it made you feel that day and in the days following.

3. Tell me about how you coped with your feelings as the weeks, months, or even years went on. How did you get in the right mindset to go on that first job interview?

4. Tell me if your story has a happy ending or not, and provide me details.

Write as much or as little as you like – I’m just trying to get a measure of your story. No need to write a novel – we’ll get into the fun details during the video interview. Frankly, the more interesting and shocking and spectacular the kick in the nuts was, the better. And finally, if you know someone that’s been laid off or fired, please pass this blog post on to them. My goal is to do 100 recorded interviews, and then turn the stories into a book.  Two down, 98 to go!

Let’s hear from you!