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Nov 22, 2010

My Presentation At STLMixtapes.com – A Nervous And Intimidated Rizzo Tees!


(no, that's not me on stage there)

At the invitation of my bestest buddy J-Will, aka @theobell, I spoke on Social Media at a tweetup for STLmixtapes.com. This wonderful music project, started by J-Will and @BigLos, allows local St. Louis rap talent – artists, producers, and DJs – to gather in one place to showcase their music. If you have something you want up on the site, send it in and watch this happen:

http://stlmixtapes.com/2010/10/jesse-mtv2/ <—– it has 700 tweets and almost 250 Facebook likes. Now that’s great exposure!

Thank you to @RossPR for the first video, and J-Will for the second one.

I have to say, I was nervous up there on stage.  A room full of artists, producers, DJs, and rap fans, all waiting to hear Potzee rap.  They weren’t there to hear me.  I think my nerves made their way into my performance.  I have no problem watching my RISE interview – I can watch it over and over, start to finish. On the flip side, I find it hard to watch this performance. I can’t sit all the way through it without hitting pause.  I just need to get more practice, and do a better job next time. And not drink 4 Guinness before I go on stage. :-)

Luckily a few people came up afterwards and said, “Great job,” “I’m in the same boat you were, trying to break out,” “Very inspirational…..” so all of that makes me feel a little better. Thanks again to J-Will and Los for the opportunity. I met so many great people that night. (S/O to @Entelleckt!)



Nov 15, 2010

Speaking Engagement Tonight At The Gramophone – I’m Goin’ OFF!

Tonight I’ll be at the STLMixtapes.com tweetup at The Gramophone in St. Louis, MO. My friends J-Will (@theobell) and Los (@biglos) invited me to speak about social media with local DJs, artists, and producers as part of the kickoff of their new project, STLMixTapes. I’m really excited to make the case that using social media to take the general public into the world of a rapper, into the process of making an album and touring, will help them meet with even more success.

And I will argue that this is even more important for the up-and-coming rapper/DJ/producer. You might be able to get away with old-school marketing if you’re Nelly (because he’s already highly visible), but if you’re not as well known and you’re looking to bust out, you need to be letting the general public get close to you through social media.

And after I’m done talking (read: after I’m thrown off the stage), there will be live performances by Potzee, Gena, Tef Poe, Rockwell Knuckles, & M.C.

You can RSVP here, or just show up. See you there tonight!