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Mar 30, 2010

Link Roundup on Rizzo Tees – What I’m Reading 3/30/10

Playing the part of Internet DJ, here’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading the past few days.

1.) Remember, in small business, it’s advisable to sweat the details.  Don’t obsess over them and never get anything big done – but don’t overlook the details.  Like, for instance, if you’re an Internet company, renew your domain name!  LOL @ Foursquare.

2.) Mark Hayward helps you define your small business social media goals in one of his latest posts.  Most important here: make a simple plan, and then stick to it.  Consistency is so key!

3.)  I like to think I live a life of decency… showing respect for others, no matter if I report to them, or if they report to me. No matter if they’re some high-powered donor, or the person making my hamburger.  Pleases, thank yous, may I’s… the very lessons I’m trying to teach my daughters.  Peter Shankman discusses South By Southwest (SXSW) in one of his latest blog posts. At the event, it seems someone may have yelled at a volunteer.  Some think Peter was the offending douchebag, when it turns out he was not.  The meat of the post is much more than a who-done-it – it’s about showing respect for others (like never yelling at a volunteer).  Peter argues for having a truer sense of self, i.e., we are not curing cancer or feeding the hungry.  Get real, and get over yourself.  (warning, just a bit of foul language in the post.)

Mar 25, 2010

Link Roundup on Rizzo Tees – What I’m Reading 3/25/10

Playing the part of Internet DJ, here’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading the past few days.

1.)  My buddy Greg Bussmann has a very thought-provoking post on his blog The St. Louis Social Media and Tech Report called “Value of Social Media Questioned By Some Entrepreneurs.”  The question is clear, and yet one that many Social Media consultants don’t want to answer – “Is Social Media right for every business?”  Could the answer possibly be “no?”  Heaven forfend!  You mean there might be some business sectors that have nothing to benefit from Social Media?  Shudder!  My ultimate challenge to the students of the class that I should be teaching at Washington University? “Design a Social Media and branding strategy for Acme Funeral Parlor.”

2.) Mark Hayward answers the doubters who say “I have no time for Social Media!”  In this post, he lays your week out for you!  After this post appeared, this guest post from Jason Koertge offered some additional tips and insight. I personally dig in a little deeper than the timeline he offers, but I am knee-deep in Twitter. I’d be there and on Facebook even if I didn’t have a business.  For those with businesses that are still not taking advantage of these free and far-reaching platforms, his blueprint could finally convince you to jump in and devote the necessary time.

3.) Over at Matt Ridings’ “TechGuerilla” blog, there’s an amazing post containing 25 mindblowing social media infographics. Long story short: LOTS to learn here!  This one is a must-read.

4.) Brian Solis talks about the need for brands to become media in order to earn relevance.  He nails it right at the beginning of the post: “…enthusiasm and support typically derail when examining the resources and the commitment required to rhythmically produce, distribute, and support content.” WOW – it’s the very reason that 90% of blogs die off, and probably why a large percentage of businesses fail.  I’ve said this over and over – just keep going.  After a few years, your mere persistence will have you sticking out like a sore thumb. (and that’s a good thing).

5.) I just received my 2nd edition of the Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss – so far, an excellent read.  He certainly is a unique chap.  Part of this blog post talks about the incessant push that companies make to grow grow grow.  Tim questions this mindset – why must companies always be growing revenue, adding people, more sales, more everything… is this always the best course?  Quote of the article: “Have you ever noticed that while small businesses wish they were bigger, big businesses dream about being more agile and flexible? And remember, once you get big, it’s really hard to shrink without firing people, damaging morale, and changing the entire way you do business.”  I am paying a great deal of attention to Mr. Ferriss these days.

Mar 23, 2010

Link Roundup on Rizzo Tees – What I’m Reading 3/23/10

Playing the part of Internet DJ, here’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading the past few days.

1.) Peter Shankman’s post “Never Confuse Being A Nice Guy For Weakness” – there’s a lot of backstory, in my opinion, on why he may have penned this article.  In the days preceding this post, Peter’s NYC attorneys fired off a cease & desist letter to a new competitor, as chronicled here.  As the recipient of two cease & desist letters, I frowned upon the heavy-handed nature of the request (he wants ownership of the guy’s URL?).  I even left a comment on his blog (#62) that admitted that, as much as I love HARO and like Peter’s efforts therein, this litigious baloney couldn’t help but change the way I feel about Peter as a person.  Without going into too much detail, Peter contacted me and asked me to reserve judgment until all of the facts came out.  I told him that was fair.  I have since learned from another source that this new competitor may have used Peter’s image in some of its advertising.  I have no confirmation of that – I did not see it myself – but if this is the case, obviously the C&D makes a little more sense.

2.) Ari Herzog’s post “How Flash Mobs Invoke Togetherness” is a short article with four awesome videos showcasing some awesome flashmobbery.

3.) Check out this article outlining the pros and cons of scheduling tweets.  I understand the cons here, as I’m a huge believer in being interactive and responsive on Twitter. But for me, the pros outweigh the cons.

4.) Starting a business while you have a day job is a blast!  Take it from me!  Actually, while it’s financially much more viable than quitting your day job, it’s incredibly more tedious and fraught with peril.  This post at A Smart Bear outlines in great detail the steps you might take to protect yourself as you explore your “hobby” outside of company time.

Mar 4, 2010

Link Roundup on Rizzo Tees – What I’m Reading 3/4/10

Playing the part of Internet DJ, here’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading the past few days.

1.) Tim Ferriss and the 4-Hour Work Week – I have not read this book, and had no plans to. There is no shortcut to success, and the whole premise of his book sounded flawed to me.  However, I am reconsidering the book, and may even buy the new updated version of it, after reading this post on the 9 habits to stop now.  Included on the list is something I’ve been giving great consideration – somehow getting a better handle on email. I need to turn it back into a productivity tool instead of a business ball and chain.  Why did voicemail never turned into the time suck that email has?

2.) Mark Hayward is a new blogger I’ve stumbled upon.  His recent post, “It’s OK to BE Different” is just what the young, nascent entrepreneur needs to hear.  The psychology of the entrepreneur is one of risk-taking, but not all entrepreneurs are balls-out crazy.  Therefore, it sometimes helps to have people rooting for you. And those people would hopefully be friends and loved ones.  When they are the ones telling you that you are crazy, it’s good to have a.) thick skin, and b.) a solid, bullet-resistant business plan.

3.) Jason at A Smart Bear talks about “sunk costs” and explains that throwing good money after bad is quite obviously a terrible idea. And yet, businesses do it all the time.  This is a must-read post for not only entrepreneurs, but anyone in a decision-making position in business.  Kudos to A Smart Bear on this post – it rocks.

4.) Philip at UrbanBacon interviews one of my favorite people on earth, Arlene Maminta Browne of Robust Wine Bar. I have had some rough (read: awesome) nights at Robust, and I especially appreciate their embrace of Social Media.  Plus, it’s hard to forget that I met Gary Vaynerchuk there and got to drink wine with him.  If you can feel a certain enthusiasm coming from Arlene in this interview, that’s no mistake – she and Stanley love what they do.  Restaurants, take note – Social Media can help your business!