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Oct 29, 2010

Yes, I Wear My F-Bomb Tee To Conferences I’m Speaking At

F-Bomb t-shirt at Rizzo Tees

That’s me at Show Me The Blog 2010. You need a funny t-shirt today. Oh yes I love ess-eeee-ohhh!

F-Bomb t-shirt

(second photo courtesy of Wellsphere.com)

Oct 28, 2010

Great Praise For Me From @MilliGFunk

She’s obviously out of her mind…. and yet who am I to argue with her extremely kind words!

To quote her:

@rizzotees Where to begin? Chris Reimer is one of the most influential people in St. Louis where online entrepreneurship and social media are concerned. No, really, he is. Besides being a social media rockstar, Chris is one of the only people I know whose career has successfully spanned non-profits and for-profits. He’s a family man, a t-shirt-seller dude, a marketing expert, and a really nice guy. Chris has been quick to offer me support and advice in my time back in the St. Louis area, and his kindness carries further than he knows. Thanks Rizzo!

From my blog to yours, I say THANK YOU! Visit A Small Town Girl’s Guide and read about quirky small towns in Missouri from a small town Missouri girl’s point of view. And now, we present your boffo boots!!!

Wait, was #showusthefunkboots really a hashtag on Saturday? I never guessed the boots would get their own hashtag. cc: @mzcher #SMBSTL

Yes, it was a hashtag!

Thanks for all the cowgirl boots love! @RossPR @rizzotees @thecubiclechick #smbstl #showmeblogstl http://twitpic.com/305ial Boot are Hott!

@MilliGFunk boots

Oct 26, 2010

Chris Reimer (Me) Speaking At Show Me The Blog Conference 2010

On Saturday, October 23, 2010, I was a panel presenter at @TheCubicleChick‘s Show Me The Blog 2010 Conference. Not withstanding myself, it was an incredible group of speakers. Quite an accomplishment, considering this was year one for the conference! Danyelle worked her butt off on this, and it showed.

Thanks to her for inviting me to speak!

As this video picks up, I’m speaking about the impetus for starting Rizzo Tees.  Before @NickGilham hit “record” on his camera, I explained that I would not have been standing there that day speaking about Rizzo Tees without something that happened back in 1949.  My grandpa, Walter Reimer, started a window company called Moeller-Reimer. He and two partners built windows in a garage. During the mid-to-late 1970’s, my grandma would take me to his work, and I’d walk around the office and the factory.  The entrepreneurial bug was been planted as I strolled around the family buisness.

Up until 2007, I had been a CPA, working as a Chief Financial Officer for various companies around St. Louis. I wanted to start a business, but lacked the big idea. (this is where the video picks up – when I say “I honestly lacked an idea…. this is what I’m talking about!)  I once wanted to start a mobile shredding business.  My wife asked me where I’d mark the shredding truck, and that pretty much killed that idea. In October 2007, I ordered shirts for myself from Snorgtees and Busted Tees, and it was when those shirts arrived that the light bulb went off in my head. “I can do this business.”

I’m finally happy with my career. My path from CPA to ad man was an indirect one – it traveled right through Rizzo Tees. And for that, I’m thankful to my grandpa.