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Sep 8, 2011

Union Tree Review Interview for Undercover Weekend 5

Union Tree Review decided to cover Marvin Gaye for Undercover Weekend because, well, he’s silky smooth. Undercover Weekend is this weekend at The Firebird – ten bands, two nights, and Mike Tomko presiding? It wins.

Where to find UTR:

Try Google
Matt Strom (ilikescience) on Twitter
Tawaine Noah (@nervousclub) on Twitter
Jordan Howe (@WantonPrivateer) on Twitter

Jan 25, 2011

RFT Announces Its 2011 Web Awards, And I’m Freaking Out Just A Little Bit

Rizzo Tees Wins Best Twitterer Award

The Riverfront Times announced its 2011 St. Louis Web Awards this evening, and I was a bit freaked to find that I won in the category of Best Twitterer in St. Louis. A link to the page where I’m mentioned is here. I saw a tweet from @IShotGuyDebord congratulating me, and I wasn’t sure what it meant. Then I remembered the RFT awards, and I booted up RiverfrontTimes.com. I was honestly really nervous as I pulled up the story and scanned through the results!

Thank you to the Riverfront Times, the judges that votes for me, my friends at Scorch, and big big thanks to Falk Harrison for recently bringing me on staff. And shoutouts to fellow nominees @CosmosGirl, @Tojosan, @MayorSlay, and @Nelly_MO. All are deserving of this for sure. Nelly, I’ll see you at the awards ceremony at The Firebird.

What does this all mean?

I’m thrilled to no longer be working in accounting, and I’m finally happy with what I’m doing with my work life. When it comes to winning awards like this, the fact that I enjoy what I do can’t hurt. Are buzz words like transparency and passion getting tired? If they are for you, that’s OK. They remain important in social media, and really really important in my life, so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and let the chips fall where they may. I am enjoying the hell out of myself.

Time for celebratory wine!

Congrats to @RizzoTees for RFT Best Twitterer award. Chris already has an E-key to the city. #fgs

Mayor Slay and Rizzo Tes

p.s. In reference to the RFT story, yes, I DO work, but I take Twitter breaks instead of smoke breaks. :-)