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Apr 19, 2011

First Time I’ve Ever Made A List In Entrepreneur Magazine

I’ve made it onto a rather impressive list. Hopefully this isn’t a Sesame Street case of “Which one of these….. is not like the other?” Sean Malarkey named me to a list of the top 5 people to follow on Twitter if you’re a newbie. Also on the list were:

Andrew Warner
Tim Ferriss
Lewis Howes, and
David Siteman Garland

… all people way more successful than me! So this is rather humbling. Since the post went up just a few hours ago, I have seen quite a few new followers on Twitter. Hard work on Twitter/FB/blog = relationships = lucky breaks like this article = more relationships = ???. Who knows what comes next? Like I always say, I keep throwing dots up on a wall. I never know how they’re going to connect, but they’re connecting.

Thanks to my bud Sean Malarkey (I’m not THAT snarky, dude. lol), and to author Kara Ohngren. I’ll do my best to not scare the noobs away.

Mar 9, 2011

A Couple Of Blog Posts Of Interest For March 9, 2011 – AOL City’s Best and AdSaint

Here are two recent blog posts of interest: one about me, and one I wrote. BTW, have we all thawed out yet? Can I get a hells yeah to winter being over?

1.) Jessica Radloff, AOL City’s Best author and Huffington Post contributor, interviewed me for the St. Louis City’s Best website. Thank you for reaching out to me Jessica!

2.) Here’s my second “Social Media Rizzolution” column for AdSaint.