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Jun 28, 2011

I Am Done Talking About “Marketing”

I am done talking about “marketing.” From now on, I’m going to ask you about your “awareness and visibility” strategy.

Companies need to stop treating social media like:

  • a campaign (with an end date)
  • a way to let everyone know about their products
  • a way to treat the world to the awesomeness of their organization

That sounds like marketing to me. I want to know about your awareness and visibility strategy. Remember, as we learned in my Waterfall of Goals blog post, neither your traditional advertising nor your social media activities move product off the shelves. They increase awareness and visibility, creating leads. Those leads then need to be converted into sales by good salespeople, a good waiter, an airtight product seamlessly delivered. Marketing is not your sales machine, but rather your leads machine. And leads can be generated by both traditional and social methods. And social is not marketing in the traditional sense. Therefore, I am going to start making this distinction with semantics.

So, what is your awareness and visibility strategy?