The Genius Of Children

On the way to summer camp today, we were listening to news radio, and my 6 year-old daughter had apparently heard enough about Somali droughts, debt ceilings, and joblessness. She said to me:

Sad OH in car, 6 yr-old daughter: "The world is falling apart, daddy. We need to do something to help it."
Chris Reimer

Note: OH stands for “overheard”

A proud moment for me, seeing and hearing my almost 7 year-old deep in meaningful thought. And yet, sad… too poignant. If that’s how a perfectly happy child sees our world, where does that leave us?

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  • Dixie Gillaspie

    The world is always “falling apart” and being reassembled. We can let that challenge our happiness. OR we can embrace being part of the reassembly and let that power add to our happiness. Your little one sees true – both that we need to be part of the solution AND that we can see the problem and still be happy.