Travel The World And Follow A Current Event Using Twitter

Here’s a fun tip for following a current event on Twitter.

1. Boot up

2. Do a search for your current event AND a Twitter pic sharing service. For instance, today is iPad 2 release day. There are people all around the country and world waiting in ridiculously long lines. Using Search.Twitter, here are a few sample searches I did:

ipad 2

3. These searches and more like them yield the following amazing set of image results from people all over the world:




A pile at Wal-Mart

TONS of people, but it looks sunny

Store about to open?


Traveling the world with my body… actually boarding planes and going places… is superior to looking at pictures. But this is still fun. You can also use Twitter to keep up with less fortunate events like the earthquake in Japan, or the uprisings in Egypt.

This real-time set of search results is one big reason why I prefer Twitter to Facebook.

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