Q:  What payment methods do you accept?
A:  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, and Google Checkout.

Q:  Can I change my order?
A:  Possibly.  Please email us at admin@rizzotees.com as soon as you know you want to make a change.  As we ship most orders out same-day or next-day, if you don’t let us know ASAP, your order is probably already on its way to you.  If the order is still in house, we’ll work to make the change for you.

Q:  Do you accept returns?
A:  Yes we do.  We want you to be totally happy with what you ordered.  If within 30 days of placing your order, you wish to return your merchandise, please download this form and send it back to us along with the shirt(s).  Our return address is on the form.  Indicate what you are returning and why. Rizzo Tees does not do exchanges – to return a shirt and get a different size or different design, just return the merchandise for a refund, and then purchase the shirt or size that you want.  As the buyer, you will incur the shipping charges to send merchandise back to us.  We do not accept returns after the 30 day period.  Returned merchandise must be unwashed and unworn – Rizzo Tees cannot accept back washed or worn merchandise.  If washed or worn merchandise is returned to us, we will kindly request that you pay to have it sent back to you.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of returns – we'll get it done as soon as we possibly can.  If you have any questions, please email us at admin@rizzotees.com.  NOTE:  Rizzo Tees requests that returns come in a bag, as opposed to a box.  Our PO Box cannot accommodate boxes.  Thank you!

Q:  The site says you’re out of the shirt I want.  WTF?
A:  Our goal is zero backorders.  If by some chance we run out of something, we will let you know by email, and we’ll ship your order in its entirety as soon as the shirt is in.  We will not ship in-stock items first – we’ll wait till the backordered shirt is in, and then we’ll ship out your entire order all at once.

Q:  How do you ship your shirts and how much does it cost?
A:  We ship using the U.S. Postal Service, and you have several options.  The cheapest is First Class, next is Priority Mail, and finally Express Mail.  International shipping options are the same.  The cost will be calculated upon checkout, and is determined by the option chosen, the number of shirts, the weights of the shirts, and the destination. 

Q:  How soon will my order ship out?
A: We stock all shirts in-house, so your order is able to ship out quickly. For U.S. orders, your order may ship out same-day, and if not, it will very likely ship out the next day. International orders can take a few extra days to ship out. You will receive an email confirmation when your order ships.
Q:  Can I track my package?
A:  USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail both come with a Delivery Confirmation number, which is a little different than a tracking number.   This number will be emailed to you upon shipment.  First Class mail does not have a tracking number.

Q:  I never received a confirmation email.
A:  Your email’s spam filter may have tagged the message as spam.  Please check your spam folder.  Alternatively, you can email us at admin@rizzotees.com and we’ll get you the info you need.

Q:  My order never came.
A:  Email us at admin@rizzotees.com with your order number and any other pertinent information, and we’ll look into it right away.

Q:  You charged me sales tax.
A:  We have to charge sales tax in Missouri, it’s the law.  Rizzo cannot do jail time.

Q:  Is your site secure?
A:  Yes, completely.  We use 256 bit SSL encryption from Thawte.

Q:  I’m giving you my email address.  I’m not going to suddenly get Cialis and Viagra spam, am I?
A:  No way.  We don’t share, rent, or sell your personal information to anyone.  Period.  We only use your email address to send you notices of new shirts and special promotions we’re running.  And if you change your mind and don’t want to receive such email, just unsubscribe from our list – you can do so from within one of our emails to you.  See our privacy policy.

Q:  What about my credit card info?  Surely someone could do something nefarious with that.
A:  Your credit card information is not stored anywhere on our servers.  Your card is processed through Authorize.net, the leading Internet payment gateway, and Rizzo never even sees your credit card number.

Q:  You sent me the wrong shirt.  Terrible.
A:  We are very sorry if we sent you the wrong stuff.  Our target is a 0.0% error rate.  If we screw up, email us at admin@rizzotees.com and we’ll fix it, no questions asked.

Q:  May I submit an idea to you?
A:  Yes!  And if you were the first person to submit the idea, and we use it, we’ll hook you up with a copy of the tee once we print it.  No need to send a sketch (unless you want to).  A concept and tag line is all our designers need to do their thing.

Q:  I have taken pictures of myself in your shirts.  What should I do with these pics?
A:  Send them to us, and if they’re all that, we’ll put them up on the site in the future.  Also, you can post them on our Facebook Fan Page.

Q:  What brand of t-shirts do you screenprint on?
A:  All designs are printed on American Apparel, the softest, smoothest t-shirts available.  They really are the best, and AA shirts are manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles in a sweatshop-free environment.

Q:  How do your shirts fit?
A:  American Apparel shirts run a bit small.  If you want the shirt to be the least bit baggy, we recommend you order a size up, or don’t throw the shirt in the dryer. For best washing results and to maintain t-shirt quality, you should wash your tee inside out, in cold water, and hang dry.  Wash darks separately.  These are men’s shirts, so ladies may want to order a size or two smaller. See Men's Size Chart.
So, if you want ‘em at all baggy, order a size up.

Q:  There is something wrong with my order.  What to do?
A:  Email us at admin@rizzotees.com.  We believe you deserve the best customer service possible, and we’re fanatical about solving any problems that arise.  And we return all emails that we receive.

Q:  I emailed you about something and you never wrote back.
A:  Rizzo answers all emails that we receive, without exception.  Unfortunately, Hotmail and other email programs sometimes flag our emails to you as spam.  Look in your spam folder to see if our message to you is in there.

Q:  Your website is acting funky.
A:  Please email us at admin@rizzotees.com and let us know the nature of the problem.

Q:  Do you offer gift certificates?
A:  Yes,  please proceed here.

Q:  Do you sell wholesale?
A:  Not at this time.  Our shirts are available only at RizzoTees.com.

Q:  Do you ship internationally?
A:  Yes we do.  We currently ship to the following countries:














New Zealand



Czech Rep.











South Africa

Hong Kong

South Korea










United Kingdom



If you do not see your country listed, it means we do not currently ship there.  If you want us to start shipping to your country, send us an email at admin@rizzotees.com and we’ll investigate the possibility.  Please note that international orders may take weeks to arrive, and your order may be subject to import taxes / customs duties.  These costs are not included in the postage charge that you pay Rizzo.  We apologize; this is just part of shipping from the U.S. to your country.

Q:  Did I read correctly that you give money to charity?
A:  True!  Click for info.

Q:  I have a question that wasn’t addressed here.
A:  Email Rizzo at admin@rizzotees.com.  Thanks for coming by RizzoTees.com!

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